Summary of Our

Business Loan Products

Interest-Based Small Business Loans

  • Available to startups and existing businesses

  • $100,000 maximum

  • Only for businesses in the Denver metro area

  • Collateral required above $50,000

  • Owner’s contribution required above $5,000

  • Fixed Interest Rate

  • Flexible Terms

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Small Business Murabaha – Islamic Compliant Debt

  • A murabaha is an Islamic financing structure whereby no interest is charged; however, the borrower agrees to pay a fee in lieu of interest in addition to the principal.

  • Available to startups and existing businesses

  • $100,000 maximum

  • For businesses across the state of Colorado

  • Collateral required above $50,000

  • Owner’s contribution required above $15,000

  • Fixed Monthly Administrative Fee
  • Flexible terms

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Financial Products

CEDS Finance has three financial products that provide financing up to $100,000. All four products can be structured as either interest-based or Islamic-compliant.

Spark Product Logo - up to $5000

Spark – Up to $15,000

Elevate Product Logo - up to $20,000 no collateral

Elevate – Up to $50,000

Amplify Product Logo - up to $100,000

Amplify – Up to $100,000

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How It Works


Identify what you need for your small business and how much it will cost.


Contact us to discuss your needs and our financing options.


Get paired with an Investment Officer, submit a CEDS Finance application, and return all required documents.


Get approved and help your business grow!


What Makes Us Different?

CEDS Finance combines character-based underwriting with technical business assistance to launch, grow, and support your business.

  • Customized loans and repayment terms
  • No minimum credit score
  • Only lender in Colorado with Islamic-compliant financing
  • No application or pre-payment fees


CEDS Finance will consider any sector except for adult entertainment, gambling, guns, cannabis, and illegal activities.

CEDS Finance cannot invest in or lend to non-profit organizations.

CEDS Finance conducts character-based underwriting, and as such, there is some flexibility in the lending criteria. Each applicant is considered individually as the business owner. Some sectors have more stringent criteria.

Start-up and existing businesses are eligible for CEDS Finance loans.

Our lending criteria is:

  • For-profit business
  • Business based in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Weld, of Morgan Counties in the state of Colorado. Exceptions apply for murabahas.
  • Business owners do not have to be US citizens.
  • Business owner(s) shall provide owner’s contribution above $5,000– or their own cash — into the business. Recent and related business purchases may be considered.
  • Business owner(s) shall pledge collateral of at least 50% of the value of the loan (such as business assets, personal vehicles, or other items of value).

CEDS Finance provides financing between $100 and $100,000.

Experience: Convey all related experience – either in your sector or in owning a business.

Planning: Business owners who have planned for their growth (timeline, future expenses, developed a marketing plan, business projections, full business plan, etc.) are often more prepared for financing. Additionally, business owners who have a proven revenue stream or a well thought-out business plan are better able to submit a strong application.

Owner’s Contribution: The more a borrower has personally invested into the business, the stronger the loan application.

Collateral: The higher the total value of all pledged collateral (business assets, personal vehicles, etc.), the stronger the loan application.

CEDS Finance’s work – the underwriting – only begins when the applicant has submitted all documents. Each applicant is assessed individually and possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. Applicants with complex businesses or who request a higher loan amount, for instance, typically take longer than smaller requests or simple business models.

There are many free and low-cost resources available to support you. We can provide personal, individualized referrals to many of these resources, and we offer one-on-one consulting sessions and trainings on key areas of business development.

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